Five Things to Watch

  • High Maintenance, Season 2 (HBO)

Not as good as season one. This is a problem for a lot of shows that give up direction and writing to outsiders. They become caricatures of themselves. The first season had great, nuanced direction and writing, but the second season has more stereotypes, which is unnecessary. We get enough stereotype humor on social media.

  • Looper (Movie)

I don’t know why people thought this was a solid action movie. It didn’t make sense, and I didn’t care about any of the characters. It was boring. Paul Dano played a pathetic twerp again. And BTW, all that prosthesis Joseph Gordon-Levitt wore made him look nothing like young Bruce Willis. He just looked like someone couldn’t emote because his face was glued together.


It really bothers me that people think it is okay to say a movie is good just because they had low expectations for it, in this case, because it was an off-brand action movie. There is no excuse for a movie being boring or not making any sense.


After watching two videos like this, I started crying a little. Normal? Not normal? I don’t know.


The series of Chevy “real people” commercials reek so badly with pathos, I was happy to discover these amazing parodies.



This was compelling enough to keep me glued to the computer for an entire hour. I like Adam Smith, for the same reasons that I like David Hume. Learn more about Adam Smith!

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