Books and movies

About the Midwest

  • Badlands by Terrence Malick
  • Great Plains by Ian Frazier
  • American Dream dir. Barbara Kopple and Cathy Caplan
  • God’s Country dir. Louis Malle
  • Night of the Gun by David Carr

About business disasters

  • Smartest Guys in the Room by Bethany Mclean and Peter Elkind
  • Barbarians at the Gate

About psychoanalysis

  • Century of the Self dir. Adam Curtis
  • Psychoanalysis: The Impossible Profession by Janet Malcolm

About music

  • “Eclectic, Reminiscent, Fickle, Amused, Perverse” By George W.S. Trow
  • “Ornery” by Bryan Di Salvatore

About war

  • War Is A Force that Gives Us Meaning by Chris Hedges
  • Come and See dir. Elim Kilmov

About the enlightenment

  • The Metaphysical Club by Louis Menand
  • Pandora’s Box dir. Adam Curtis

About language

  • A Writer’s Life by Annie Dillard
  • “William Strunk” by E.B. White
  • “Authority and American Usage” by David Foster Wallace

About work

  • The Spirit Catches You, And You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman

About New York

  • “The Shitkickers of Madison Avenue” by Lillian Ross