Selected Writing

The Best

Alabama and the structure of poverty (The New York Times) 2022
Netflix (The Baffler) 2020
Management in the age of fictitious profits (The Baffler) 2021
Truckers (the New York Times) 2022

The Rest

Prison TikTok (New York Times Magazine) 20
Lee Kuan Yew (Mother Jones) 2022
Urban encampment sweeps (New York Magazine) 2022
Privatization (The New Republic) 2022
The future of daytrading (Insider) 2022
The privatization of public health (Harper's) 2022
Pandemic fraud (The American Prospect) 2022

A Tax Loophole (The New York Times) 2021
Wholesome content (The New York Times Magazine) 2021
Student debt sinkhole (The New York Times) 2021
Wealthy people against wealth (The New Republic) 2021
The workplace is an autocracy (Business Insider) 2021
The history of New York City's trash (The New Yorker) 2021
Long live Bernie Madoff (The New Republic) 2021
The broken stimulus debate (The Baffler) 2021
The inside story of a housing win in Philadelphia (The New Republic) 2021
Staten Island's pandemic memorials (Lapham's Quarterly) 2021
Accomplice liability laws are a disaster (The Appeal) 2021
Coal miners and taxi strikers (The Baffler) 2021
The radical origins of the creative class (The New Republic) 2021

A fossil fuel railway in Utah (The Guardian) 2020
How long does a crisis last? (The New Republic)2020
*White Collar crime (The New Republic) 2020
We work too much (The Nation) 2020
Start-ups (The Baffler) 2020
Monopoly is tyranny (The New Republic) 2020
*Remote work won't save us (The New Republic) 2020
Foretelling the end of capitalism (LA Review of Books) 2020
*Tax dollars don't pay for anything (The New Republic) 2020
Pension funds rob retirement accounts (The American Prospect) 2020
Thomas Piketty (The New Republic) 2020
Shadow banking (The New Republic) 2020
Colleges push financial literacy (The Baffler) 2020
A prison newspaper (LA Review of Books) 2020
Fraud in banking (The Nation) 2020
Deaths of despair (The New Republic) 2020
Deutsche Bank (The New Republic) 2020
Why every business is a bank  (The New Republic) 2020

*Economists  (The New Republic) 2019
Politics of antitrust (The New Republic) 2019
Media festivals (Pressland) 2019
Wealth taxes (The Baffler) 2019
Student debt (The Baffler) 2019
A grocery store (Gothamist) 2019
Journalism school professors (Study Hall) 2019
Bill de Blasio's housing policy (The Baffler) 2019
Panera Cares (The Baffler) 2019
Uber exploits labor law (LA Review of Books) 2019
History of temp labor (LA Review of Books) 2019
Fracking (LA Review of Books) 2019

The value of bureaucracy (LA Review of Books) 2018
Oklahoma City (LA Review of Books) 2018

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